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Samyang 8mm Fisheye

After a few months of thinking it over, I finally bought a Samyang 8mm fisheye (under the brand Polar).  I’ve been eyeing one for quite sometime and have read good reviews of this relatively cheap lens.

That’s me!

Even though I use Canon (and have 5 lenses on Canon mount), I bought one in Nikon mount, just in the event that I might switch to Nikon.  (Canon’s lack of innovation in sensor technology makes me want to change to Nikon somehow).  Also, since the Nikon flange distance is longer than Canon’s, I just bought an adapter for use in my Canon DSLR.  In addition, the 180 degrees view of the lens is only in Nikon.  In Canon it is approximately 167 degrees only (due to a slightly larger sensor size).

Oh, and the lens that was given to me is Nikon AE whose aperture can be controlled in Nikon cameras and which has focus confirmation.

Anyway, this fisheye doesn’t seem to be too extreme as far as fisheyes go.  If there are straight lines, the distortion is very noticeable but if there are none, not much.

I also read online that you can somehow de-fish the images using Adobe’s profile for Nikon’s 10.5mm fisheye.

I give this a try and yes, it straightens lines.  I’m not sure if this is 100% accurate though since the two lenses probably have different projections.

A cursory glance at the two images (fisheye and the de-fished one) may make it seem that the defished image has a wider field of view since the center looks farther away (but of course the sides are now cutoff).

I am yet to try this on a trip and excited and what this lens can do.  I’ll also check whether the field of view of the defished image is larger than the field of view of my Canon 10-22mm at 10mm.

(All pictures shot by Eman).