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Marinduque: Maniwaya Island


Boracay: Diagonal Line

Another black and white photo taken in Boracay.  For this one, I removed some people in the upper right side using Lightroom’s clone and heal stamps.

UP – Sunflower Blossom

Another photo I took on our photowalk in UP.

Random Photo: Sunflower

A picture of sunflower which I took in UP.  This was taken with an Olympus EM5 with the 12-50mm kit lens and processed with Lightroom 5 and Color Efex (photo stylizer).

Random Photo: Boat Rock

This is probably my most favorite picture taken during our trip to Padre Burgos/Pagbilao back in 2012 (using my now broken 60D).  This was a picture which I did not like immediately due to blown highlights and almost dark shadows and not so good composition (it was taken while we were travelling on a boat).  Fortunately, it was shot RAW and a few months after taking it, I revisited the album and found this picture, converted colors, recovered highlights and pushed shadows and did other stuff to make it what it is now.

Calaguas – Rays of Sunshine and Crashing Waves

Last weekend, we went to Calaguas Island (known locally as Tinaga group of islands).  It was the third time there for most of us, first time for some.  It was also the first time that we’ve experienced huge waves so much so that on going to the island, we were already drenched barely 15 minutes from leaving shore from waves crashing to our small boat.  Waves in Calaguas (in Mahabang Buhangin beach) aren’t any different and the boat cannot go very near the shore so we have to go down in waist deep water.

This picture was taken in late afternoon.  The sun gloriously peeked from a group of clouds casting rays of sunshine on the sea.  I took about five photos of the rays of sunlight but this is my absolute favorite.

As I was about to take a picture of the sun and its rays, I spotted a group of boys playing in the beach just when a huge wave crashed on them.  I guess it was a split second moment and I’m so glad that I was able to catch it with my camera.  The camera was set to expose for the sun and its rays hence the boys and the crashing waves were several stops underexposed.  Good thing it was all set to ISO 200 and I was able to correct exposure in post (though noise is visible on the boys’ bodies).

A wonderful picture taken in a wonderful setting.  Even though I took only very few pictures, this one made the trip worth it.

Random Photo: Little Chinese Girl

Yesterday was Chinese New Year and me and my friends went to Binondo (center of Manila Chinatown, the oldest chinatown in the world).

This picture was taken in one of the deadend streets of Binondo.  Beside the firestation (where the street ends) is an unfinished dragon (only head was finished).  We each took a picture there and then the caretaker (possibly mother or yaya) of a little girl had her pose near it.  This one was taken while she was in between smiles.  Very very nice.

The photo was taken using OM-D EM5 and the 45mm 1.8 lens.  That lens is really really nice – small, sharp and not very expensive as far as lenses go.  If the new Olympus 25mm is just like the 45mm, I’m sure to buy it when it becomes available.

Random Photo: Broken Boat on a Sunset

A photo I took in Morong, Bataan.  This one was taken with a Pentax K01 and Pentax’s 18-55 kit lens.

Random Photo: A Wide View of Burot Beach

This is a very wide (21 : 9) picture of Burot Beach that I took the first time I went there.  The locals are gathering sea urchins (or sea weeds) while the background are of stranded ships (they were moved when the tide went higher).

The inspiration for a super wide panorama came from Ming Thein (a noted Malaysian blogger).  As for the picture, I like this as this was taken on my first trip there, when the place still held magic for me.  This was taken with Canon 7D and Tamron 70-300 VC at 300mm (hence, the compression of distance).

Random Photo: Paragliding in Tapyas Hill

This photo was taken on our day 1 in Coron.  After a tiring climb through the stairs of Tapyas Hill, we finally came to its top and there were these two Italians paragliding in the hill (they would would sail around and go down a few meters and climb up again).

What I like about this photo is the simplicity, only the paraglider, hill and sky (with some clouds) can be seen and for me evokes freedom – to do whatever you want to do.  Tapyas Hill is not that high (we were tired from climbing as we’re probably out of shape and have not climbed a mountain for quite a long time) but these two guys seem to be having a blast.