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Ellidel Underwater

This post has been in my saved drafts for a long time and only now do I get to publish it. It shows Ellidel under the sea in Fortune Island.  This is one of the deeper dives we’ve been to (around 8m) and probably second only to El Nido.  For scuba diving and experienced freedivers, 8m is shallow but for us, it is already lung-busting.freedive fortune island


An Afternoon of Mexican Music and Dances and Cosplay

September 15, 2012

We were supposed to go to Dasol, Pangasinan last weekend for some beach bumming.  Unfortunately, a typhoon came and sucked the west monsoon causing heavy rains.  Our hopes dashed, we cancelled the beach trip and instead went to Mall of Asia for a movie.

Eman and I arrived there early and we were able to watch a presentation by the Mexican Embassy entitled “Musica de mi Tierra” featuring a mariachi band and dancers.

The costumes are very colorful, the music is fast and happy and the dances feature a lot of footwork.  The presentation also highlight the similarities between Mexican culture and Filipino culture – both countries having been colonies of Spain for hundreds of years.






On the exhibition hall of the mall complex are the Intertional Book Fair and a Cosplay event.  We didn’t enter either but I managed to snap some photos of the cosplayers.

Seems like a fun event that I thought of joining one someday.  However, I think I may be a little too old for these types of events.

We then had coffee, dinner and movie.  We watch The Possession and I really like the cinematography of the movie.  You can freeze some frames from the movie and get a wonderfully composed picture.

Eventhough a rainy afternoon in a mall is not the same as beach bumming, we did manage to have a good time.

(Note:  First and fourth image shot by Eman and edited by me).