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Random Photo: Burot Once More

Another infrared picture of Burot Beach.


Random Photo: Burot in Infrared

Last October 5-6 was my third time in Burot.  This time, I finally have an infrared camera with me.  During a lull in activity (too hot and sunny to take a dip in the water), I took my Panasonic GX1 (590nm infrared) and Canon 7D to take photos.  This is one of the infrared shots.

I like this one because it’s more natural than my other shots.  The colors could have been real if we’re living in a temperate climate and it’s summer going autumn, with leaves turning yellow.  Blue skies and sea add to the naturalness.

Random Photo: Docked for the Night

Personally for me, 24mm equivalent is too wide for general or walk around shooting.  It is nice to have but to wide for everyday photos.  Even 28mm equivalent (found in most kit lenses and in cellphones) is too wide for everyday.  I’d prefer 35mm up for the usual stuff.  24mm equivalent view is too wide that it includes a lot of things in the pictures, most don’t add anything but distraction, especially for small-sensored cameras.  Also,  I find that 24mm FOV generates too much distortion (not barrel distortion but the normal distortion of wide view).

However, this field of view comes of much use for landscapes.  I would prefer a much wider field of view for landscapes (such as 16mm equivalent) but 24mm is wide enough.  The wide field of view shows a different perspective and emphasizes foreground or the distance between foreground and main subject.  Such is the case for this photo which was taken at 12mm of the kit lens.

Random Photo: Boat on a Calm Sea

Burot Beach, floating boat on a calm sea during sunset.

Burot Sunset

When we first visited Burot, the sunset was beautiful.  The sun was large and you can clearly see the sun disc.  Back then, I carried my Canon 7D complete with an ultrawide, standard and telephoto zooms, tripod and wired remote so I was able to set up for long exposures.

This time, all I had was the OM-D and a very small unstable gorilla pod so the pictures were taken handheld.  I also moved a lot during the golden hours, hence, the various viewpoints (other pics not yet posted).  The sun was still magnificent but there were lots of clouds in the west partly obscuring the sun and providing more drama.  Also, the longest that my lens can get is 100mm equiv. compared to 480mm last time so the size of the sun is not that big in the pictures.

Here are the pictures, two guys who were there before us. The others are of Elaine, Eman and Elllidel setting their tripods.

Random Photos: Grass

One of the best things I like about Burot Beach is the strong sunlight (twice I’ve been there, twice the sun was shining brightly).  Though this makes landscape photos at midday very high dynamic range, it provides a strong light for closeup pictures.  The strong sunlight provides enough light so that closeups are shot at low ISOs.  When the sun goes slightly down, the backlighting it provides is also very good.

Here are two pictures taken there.  These are pictures of grasses that looks like grain.  Shot with Olympus OM-D and 12-50mm, which provides a magnification of up to .36x.  The quality is  not on par with a true macro lens but pretty good already.

Random Photo: Sky Reflections

This was taken in Burot.  Burot Beach is near a mangrove forest (I don’t know what will happen to the mangroves once development of the area proceeds).  Near the beach is a body of water that is surrounded by some landmass (I’m sure there’s an entry and exit for the water though).  On the day we went there, the sun was bright but there were clouds in the sky.  The protection from the wind provided by the surrounding land and the trees afforded an almost still water that reflected the sky.

Random Photos: Mangrove Housing and Boats

Last weekend, we went to Burot Beach (my favorite beach when it comes to photographic subjects).  Below are two interpretations of a shot that I made of the boats near several houses built directly on mangroves.

The first is converted to black and white using Nik’s Silver Efex (I’m beginning to love Nik’s plugins) I think using the high structure and/or full dynamic range filters.  The second one is treated with Nik’s Color Efex using the Indian Summer filter (I love the warm colors of this one).

Tell me guys which one you like better.

Random Photo: Big Sedimentary Rocks

I recently bought a 46 inch LED TV and I was looking at my pictures at it and I was amazed by this one picture.

This was shot in Burot Beach.  I’ve looked at it several times in my already large LED monitor (23 inches with 1920 x 1080 pixels) and I was not impressed (it was just ok).

When I looked at it through the very large TV (with the same 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution), the details on the rock amazed me. 

It really pays to buy a big screen or print big to appreciate the pictures.  On the other hand, some pictures which look really good on the smaller screens are not that good on the big screens (either due to more prominent noise or less detailed pixels).

Dogs at the Beach

Dogs are men’s best friends. And everywhere we go there are dogs. They are more dogs in places that are frequented by tourists since the food being left behind or thrown away.  Burot beach is no exception.  Here are the dogs.