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Samyang 7.5mm Fisheye in Jed’s Island Resort

Last weekend, as advance birthday celebration, my family and I went to Jed’s Island Resort in Bulacan.  I’ve been there before so I wasn’t really excited to photograph the area but I forced myself to go around and take pictures just so I can see what my fisheye can do.

The lens, like all other Samyang offerings (excluding the super telephotos) is relatively affordable, nicely constructed and sharp!  It is a small lens and fits nicely on my Olympus EM5.  Like all other Samyang lenses (except for Nikon versions), this lens doesn’t have electronic contacts and changing aperture is done via the lens aperture ring.

Again, this is a sharp lens, especially considering its cheap price.  It gets a little sharper as stopped down.

My major concern with this lens is the very small size – it is good for portability but when shooting, I’ve accidentally included my fingers in the shot (as shown in the picture below).  With the 8mm fisheye for DSLR, the lens is much bigger and longer which makes operating both the aperture ring and focus ring a non-issue.  With the short barrel of this lens, the aperture and focus rings feel cramped.

Because of the 180 degree diagonal angle of its field of view and the very short lens, pressing the shutter button while holding the lens is a no-go.  There’s a very large chance that a portion of your finger or palm will be included in the corners of the picture.

Like all ultrawide angle, there are lots of times that the sun or other strong source of light will be in the picture. The lens exhibits flare in two forms, one as either a circular of hexagonal purple color moving away from the source of light (see picture below) or as tiny rays of rainbow light (see this).

When I used this lens on my infrared coverted Panasonic GX1 and shot with the sun in the frame, the picture has several blobs of light opposite the sun.  I am not sure if this behavior will be the same in visible light (I have not produced the same amount of flare when using camera for regular visible light) or if this is confined to the infrared spectrum of light.
All in all, I am quite content with the lens.  It is cheap and sharp and can be used when you just want to have fun.


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