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Batanes – Nakabuang Arch

One of the places to visit in Batanes when you’re in Sabtang Island is Morong Beach.  Most of the tours in Sabtang stop in Morong Beach  as this is where lunch is served.  The beach (has whitish sand) seems to be the best in the whole of Batanes.  It is also home to Nakabuang Arch.

Nakabuang probably means fallen or on its side (from Tagalog “nakabuwang” but I don’t know if it has a meaning in Ivatan).  Here is another picture of the arch.

These two pictures were made in black and white primarily because I don’t like the harsh lighting due to the noonday sun.  Here are two more pics of the arch but in color.

We’ve stayed for 5 days and 5 nights in Batanes but I can’t say I’m very pleased with my pictures (especially landscape pictures).  Since we did our trips and tours during the day, we always arrive on picturesque location when the sun is high and the light is already harsh.

In the case of Nakabuang Arch, we were there at noon so it is not the ideal time for shooting pictures.  I’m sure it looks very good at sunrise (the beach faces the east).


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