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Batanes, the 2nd Time

Last weekend (and for three more days after that), I was in Batanes – my second time there.  Whereas my first time there (with family) is quite short, this time, I (along with my friends) had a long (and lazy) time in the northernmost province.  I’ll post other pictures in the coming days but I’d like to have this one first.

This one was taken in the Radiwan (Ivana) port.  The port is in front of the church and there are unused (mostly broken) boats in the port.  This one had the name Batanes on it and I took a picture of it (with other boats and the church in the background).  On looking at the raw picture in my desktop, it was a big disappointment.  What I envision the picture to be was very far from what appeared.  Luckily, Lightroom 5 is a very very good tool for post-processing pictures (especially with the addition of the radial filter).  After setting contrast, tweaking of exposure and color, I added a radial filter on the back of the boat (with word Batanes).  I then darkened and reduced the saturation of everything outside the circle.  Furthermore, I used a brush to increase clarity, sharpness and contrast around the word Batanes.

The result is below – pretty much what I envisioned when I took the photograph.  The only other way I could have made what I envisioned is if I have a fast wide angle lens (equivalent of 24mm f1.4 on full frame) to blur the background but my lens was 15-85mm 3.5-5.6.


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