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Basco Lighthouse

Lighthouses used to be a guide to fishermen and sailors in olden times.  Its light guides seafarers through treacherous storms or gives a reference on where it is safe to land where the coast is full of big or sharp rocks.  Batanes, by virtue of its location (surrounded by big waves) and its rocky coast was in need of a lighthouse.  As such, Batanes, particularly Basco, has its own lighthouse.  Located on top of one of Basco’s magnificent hills.

With the advent of modern technology, particularly GPSs, lighthouses aren’t that necessary anymore (except for local fishermen) and have become more of tourist attractions, a reminder of days past.

Because of the booming tourist industry in Batanes (facilitated by the cheap airfare), the Basco lighthouse is in relatively good condition.  I don’t remember seeing it with light but at least the structure is in good condition – painted and maintained.

My sister and my father outside the top of the lighthouse * Me and my father on the same location.

My mother on a bright blue bench inside the lighthouse.  She was too tired to go up the stairs to the top.

I just have to post this photo of me.  I have very few (and I mean few) pictures of myself that I’m satisfied with so when I have one, I just need to share it.  🙂

The lighthouse taken with a 14-150mm lens (then cropped).  This was taken on the rooftop of our hotel at dusk.


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