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A Wedding of Two Close Friends

January 5 was the wedding of two close friends.

Reinier, the groom, was a close friend since college. I first met him on the very first day of college since he is a classmate (our blockhead or head of our section/block). We’ve been friends since and got closer during our later year in college and got closer still during review for CPA board exam (where he got the 2nd highest rating while I got the 12th highest rating). We also went to the same audit firm for our first job and that’s where he met the bride, Bless.

Bless is a graduate from another well-known university and like many of us in our batch in audit, she was also a topnotcher in the CPA board exam that year (November 2003).  She and Rein have been friends since and I along with them (though of course they were closer since they belong to the same audit group).  I guess nobody expected for them to get together as they are just really good friends then.

About 6 or 7 years ago, they, along with many other auditors, emigrated to UK (London) to work there and that’s where the romance started.

Fast forward to that afternoon on January 5th and they got married in one of the oldest churches in the country.  I was part of the wedding entourage (a frist time for me) and didn’t bring my camera to the church.

Due to limited time alloted for each wedding in the church, many of their pictures were taken outside in the streets of the old city of Intramuros.  These are just two of my shots (where I just took shots while their official photographers are also taking shots).

Below is a slightly pudgy looking me in a barong (national costume for Filipino men).  Barong is made from pineapple fiber (or silk or other fiber and synthetic material).  The more formal barongs (from jusi or pineapple fibers) are worn at formal events while those made from cotton or combination are worn everyday at work.

This being a wedding, I got to see again very close friends from college, Lourdes, Maris and Manny, as well as other college acquaintances.



Maris and her family (top).

Myself, Maris, Lourdes and Evan (middle).

Rem (maid of honor) and Manny.

Really nice name holder for place settings.


To Reinier and Bless, Congratulations and Best Wishes!


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