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Tiny in a Daring Impromptu Photoshoot

This was taken last weekend in Burot Beach.  I brought paper bag and candles for our night (an idea I got from a resort in Cebu).  The effect was so pretty that most of us had our solo pictures taken.  It was so dark that even with a f1.4 aperture (50mm), the exposure required ISO 6400 with shutter speeds that risk blurring.

When it came to Tiny, one thing led to another until the poses got more daring.  On previous pictures, she was sitting and facing the candles that illuminate her face.  In this picture, the light from the candles can no longer illuminate her face so we had to improvise.  Eman held one paperbag light above her and Ellidel held an improvised reflector (the silvery foam used to insulate roofs that Oyet brings to sleep on inside the tent) to her side to reflect light.

The shot went really well but editing was difficult due to the noise at ISO 6400 and the selective dodging and burning that sometimes increased noise.

A very nice picture for me and I’m really proud of our work!


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