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Photo Composite Testing

Time to learn another photo-related thing.  This time, it’s compositing or blending two pictures.  Here’s my first semi-successful trial.

The picture is a composite of two pictures both taken in Cebu (during our trip) – a day apart, using my infrared camera (Panny GX1).  The background is on Moalboal on a sunny day with beautiful clouds.  The foreground, taken a day earlier, was taken in the highest point in Cebu (Osmena Peak).  It was very early in the morning and light is not that yet bright.  ISO is 200 but the foreground had to be pushed several stops resulting in noise (GX1 has poor dynamic range).  It was foggy so the sky is a uniform white (or pink in infrared).

Combined in Photoshop using layers (with magic wand defining the sky).  Only semi-successful as the image quality of the foreground is noticeably different from the sky.  Also, transition between the layers is too abrupt.

Only the first try so lots of improvement in the future.


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