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Color-Inverted Photos: Natural Looking Unnatural Colored Plants

Since I have discovered Lab color space in the excellent blog of Roger Cicala (of Lensrental), I’ve been experimenting with it a lot.  The biggest benefit I see with Lab is the separation between luminance (and the related high resolution details) and colors.  I can edit and change colors with little effect on artifacts and a change in color doesn’t affect all the colors (blue-yellow and pink-green).  I’ve tried doing this with RGB and find that changing colors impacts white balance a lot.

Anyway, here are just some samples.  The flowers and strawberry have been edited to unnatural colors but all the rest of the things in the picture can be believable as they are of the natural color (green leaves in pic 2, dried leaves in pic 1 and black table with white sticks in pic 3).

Being stuck at home and not being able to shoot outside has its perks!


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