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The Helper

Yesterday was Ellidel’s birthday and today, she treated us to a wonderful but very far restaurant – Casa Rap in San Jose, Batangas.  Casa Rap is a play on the words casa, which means house in Spanish, and sarap, which is Tagalog (Filipino) for delicious.

Since I did not expect a lot of photo opportunities, I just brought the EOS M with the 22mm (35mm equivalent) pancake lens.  The combo’s small enough to be convenient for bringing and putting in small bags or a largish pocket.  The focus of the pancake lens is slowish (but not as slow as the very very slow Pentax K01) but manual focus is good and the good LCD screen makes it easier.

Here is one shot of one of the restaurant’s helper on her table (probably works as a cashier).  The light was amazing and makes for a very good black and white.  Actual contrast is much higher but I settled for a lower contrast to get better midtones.  Looks better on print.


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