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EOS M Test Shots

My first interchangeable lens camera is Canon (60D) with 50mm 1.4, 100mm macro, 10-22 and 18-135.  When the 60D broke down (due to seawater damage), I bought a 7D and added some more lenses (15-85 and Tamron 70-300).  However, when I bought the Olympus OM-D, I hardly use the Canon due to its bulk.

Canon released the EOS M as its interchangeable lens.  It was not well received due to its very beginner-oriented interface and its relatively high price, plus its slow autofocus.  It released an update which improved focus.  Better yet, it went down in price…

So I bought one – with both lenses, the flash and more importantly, the EF-M to EF/EF-S adaptor.  Works fine with the 50mm 1.4 (I think it has faster autofocus than the 22mm EF-M lens).  The 18-55 EF-M also is good and much faster than either lens.

Some test shots during late afternoon.

My thought about the EOS M?   Good enough.  Small enough to carry everyday with good image quality, plus I get to use the EF/EF-S lenses when necessary.  As a stand alone system?  Probably not the best, there are smaller or better system cameras out there (m4/3, NEX, Fuji X) with more or better native lens choices.  I think the EOS M will be a good companion or backup to any EOS EF user.  I’m thinking of having one in infrared.  If only canon will release one.  The only way for me to get an infrared EOS M is to buy a camera from the US and send it directly to Lifepixel for conversion then have Lifepixel send it to me – not the most convenient way.


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