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Tingloy Above the Sea

Previous post, I posted some underwater pics from Tingloy.  This time, everything’s above the sea.

This one is of Sombrero Island. It is located at the tip of Tingloy (where we had to go around). Up until yesterday I didn’t know that this is the Sombrero Island that people go to.  I kinda like the conversion to black and white but raw would have been a lot better.  Some of the sky shows pixelation due to changing luminosity of the blue to darker.

As with most compact cameras, it does a pretty good close up, better than most compacts in fact.  Except that I haven’t push it to the limits.  Here are some closeups of plants and small critters.





All in all, I like the Olympus TG2. Wide aperture requiring lower ISO, decent sharpness, great colors (which can be too much at times). I also like Tingloy better but I don’t think I’m coming back soon. More beaches to explore and I just wish they’ll clean the beach. It destroys the place as a destination.


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