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Environmental Portraiture with Tiny

For shooting portraits, I usually use a fast and long lens (70mm equivalent or longer).  For micro four-thirds, this usually means the 45mm f1.8.

In Potipot, I used the 12-50mm lens almost exclusively.  A part of the island has rocks and boulders that are exposed during low tide and it was during that time that we went there.  Tiny, of course, was all game for some shots and these are the results.  One of the pictures are shot at the wide end of the lens (12mm) while some are at longer lengths.  However, because of the very slow aperture of the lens (3.5-5.6) blurring out the background is very very difficult so it has to be included.

One thing I learned with this?  Dynamic range’s a bitch.  I did not bring the clip on flash and I’m not satisfied with it anyway.  Because the sun was almost setting at the back, almost everything was backlit.  Pushing shadows and pulling highlights can only do so much so some of the pictures have low contrast.

(Also, Nik’s Color Efex is amazing!  The tonal contrast and dynamic skin softener are very good for portraits!).


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