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After our trip to Mt. Pinatubo, we went to a famous restaurant in the north, Isdaan.  Isdaan (Floating Resto and Funpark) is a located in Gerona, Tarlac (two towns north of Capas).  We were only able to board a full bus so we had to stand inside the bus for quite sometime.

Lucky for us, our Pinatubo trip finished earlier than expected and we were able to arrive in Isdaan while there is still light enough to take pictures.

Isdaan is more famous for its giant sculptures than for its food.  The attraction of the place is that you can rest and take pictures while waiting for your food.  And this is not a place to eat when you’re in a hurry.  During peak season and peak hours, you may have to wait for 30 minutes or more just to get a table and probably an hour more for your food to be served.

The Buddhas were one of the first sculptures inside the place.  Giant buddhas in various poses reflecting serenity (several holding fish).  Take a picture in one of the giant Buddhas and you brag to your friends that you’ve been to Thailand.  🙂

Just some photo ops.

Isdaan seems to be always in a state of repair and expansion.  I first visited this place sometime in 2008 when I first worked for Thunderbird.  Since then, several sculptures, floating huts and tables have been added.  Right now, several more are being added.  It’s a good thing that the place is located just outside of town and surrounded by ricefields (which can be bought at much lower prices compared to commercial land).

The earlier sculptures were huge and made of cement. Now, glass fiber and smaller ones are being added (and for me personally, some doesn’t add much to the place and distract from the other good ones).  These are made in Pampanga I think and can be had cheaper compared to the huge cement sculptures.

We had a good time eating the food – different kinds of fried fish, tinupig na manok (barbequed chicken in coconut milk), sinigang na baboy (pork in tamarind soup), and some others.  We were all full for Php305 each.

All shots were taken using Olympus OM-D and the Panasonic 14mm f2.5 lens.

My take on Eggleston’s Tricycle. Except this is not a tricycle but a pullcart AND more importantly, probably no one would pay me big bucks to have a print of this.


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