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Different Views of Bolinao Lighthouse

The good thing about travelling with a group of photographers is that we get to visit several places that look good when photographed.  The minor bad thing is that we’re basically photographing the same things.  This was in my mind this weekend when we visited Bolinao, Pangasinan, particularly when we went to the Bolinao Lighthouse.

With this in mind, I tried to take shots of the lighthouse from different angles to get a shot that would be different from the others.  Here they are:

Bolinao lighthouse, like many other lighthouses around the country, has fallen into disuse.  With the use of GPS in larger ships and good weather and visibility in the area, the lighthouse has started to become more of a curiosity than a necessity.

The lighthouse is located on an elevated area that can be seen from the sea (and from the base of the lighthouse, you can also see the sea).  I’m not sure if it is still functioning as the buildings surrounding the lighthouse is in ruins and nobody seems to be around to take care of it.  Surely, someone is looking after the lighthouse but not necessarily to make it function but to provide tourists with a place to visit.  Indeed, there is even a small makeshift store outside the lighthouse’s fence that sells souvenirs.

The lighthouse structure is still in good condition (unlike the surrounding buildings that were probably once used by the caretakers).  It adds another area of interest in a town that has a nice beach and three or more fresh water caves.

I’m pretty sure my friends also got wonderful pics of the structure that I yet to see (not posted yet in facebook).


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  1. There is nothing like traveling with other photographers to shoot beautiful images together…I just got back from a trip doing the same thing.

    May 6, 2013 at 11:30 pm

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