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Samsung S3 Pictures

Slow day this week.  We went to Gaspar Island in Marinduque.  The island has clear water and is perfect for snorkeling, except we didn’t bring any snorkling gear and the boat we hired doesn’t have life vest.  Unfortunately for me, the island is photographically uninspiring.  We were confined to a small area of the beach (as the island doesn’t have much beach to speak of – mostly rock faces that drop steeply to the sea).

So instead of the usual weekend getaway pictures, I’ll be posting some pictures taken with Samsung S3 and edited through Lightroom.

This first one was taken during my cigarette break. We were still in our old office and the smoking area is on the balcony of the 8th floor. The floor is tiled which provided a very strong pattern to the picture. The pattern is broken by the discarded coffee cup – broken in terms of color and shape. The breaking of the pattern and the punchy red color of the cup are the reasons why I love this picture. It looks good when printed, even at A4 size, it looks nice.

This one was probably taken during lunch hour or when I was in the pantry as I can’t remember anywhere where there would be a white table/counter top.  A very simple photo of a can of Coke.

Now this one was taken last weekend. On our return trip (via boat) from Marinduque, the sun dropping to the horizon is magnificent. My Canon 7d is inside the camera bag, which is inside my very big backpack so taking it out to take photos is a huge effort. Good thing that the light is still good and the picture can be taken by the S3 at base ISO (80).

This was also taken last weekend on the boat.  Picture taken at ISO 80 but the higher dynamic range meant that I had to pull the highlights (the sky in the background) and push the shadows (the life preserver and almost everything else).  Hence, not as good or as clear as the previous one.

Finally, this one was taken during a visit to a house and lot that we thought we could buy (too expensive). The owner of the house was into orchids before she migrated to the US and there are pots on one side of the garden – abandoned but seemingly hopeful that they would be used once again. This was taken at ISO 640 so noise reduction had to be done. The noise reduction resulted in the surface of the pots looking smooth.
That’s it for now, I’ll just post some more pics tomorrow.


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