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Holy Week in the Province

During this holy week (Maundy Thursday, March 28, to Easter Sunday, March 31), we went home to my province in Quezon.  The traffic near my town was terrible and we arrived after about 6 yo 7 hours of travel (on ordinary days, this would have taken only 4 to 5 hours).

The plan was to go on a road trip to Bicol (my father, mother, sister and I).

Black Saturday, we went to Bicol with the intention of going to Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) in Pili, Camsur.  It is a very famous wakeboarding place in the Philippines and one of only two famous spots in Camarines Sur (the other is Caramoan Islands where many Survivor seasons were shot).  We were supposed to go there and see the place, swim and spend the whole day.

My parents and sister in CWC.

My sister with a view of the Mayon volcano in the background (taken in Camalig, Albay).

My mother and father in Lake Buhi.

My parents in Mayon Rest House and Planetarium.

When we arrived in CWC, we were very disappointed.  There’s not much to see and the only thing worth doing is wakeboarding and we’re not into that so we just took some pictures and decided to see Mayon Volcano (a good 3 hours drive more down south).  Other people who also visited appear to be disappointed as well and just took pictures.  There weren’t that many people in the place considering that it is holy week vacation.

On our way to Mayon volcano, we passed by Lake Buhi.  Lake Buhi is at the foot of Mt. Iriga (a beautiful extinct volcano) and is the only place where sinarapan (Pandaca Pygmaea) is found.  Sinarapan is the second smallest fish (previously smallest until it was dethroned).  We did not spend much time there either and went back on the road.

The road from Buhi to Albay is through a dirt road passing through some ricefields (ready to be harvested so beautiful to behold).  The road is cemented on some parts and dirt on other parts.

We arrived in Albay province and saw the Mayon volcano from afar – its cone perfect but most of the time covered by clouds.  We couldn’t find a nice viewing deck to see the mountain and when we asked a local, he told us to go to Tabaco City, which is on the other side of the mountain.  Hence, we had to go around the volcano until finally we got to the Mayon Resthouse and Planetarium which is situated about 1/3 of the way up the mountain.

After that, we went back to Quezon and arrived very late in the evening.

A visit to Quezon is also an opportunity to visit my beautiful dogs.  There are now four dogs in Lopez, (two shih tzus, a Labrador and a mongrel).

Kylie and King are my first two dogs and they are inseparable now (though for some reason they can’t or don’t want to breed).  Hector (the Labrador) is a gift and he’s gotten too big for my city apartment and he’s doing very well in the province.  Keana is a mixed breed dog and the oldest at almost 8 years old.  She has cataract on her right eye (the cataract seemed to have gotten smaller in size since my last visit).

My two shih tzus – Kylie Tzu (white and brown) and King Tzu (black).

Our other two dogs: Keana (brown) and my Labrador, Hector Labrador.

Other than the road trip, I didn’t get much of a chance to take pictures as I was in the house all of the time (too hot).

I hope that this coming weekend, Lake Mapanuepe will provide photo opportunities.


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  1. Very nice shots! The dogs are adorable. I have the same color of shih tzu (white and brown), who now lives with my grandma in Ilocos.

    April 4, 2013 at 11:26 pm

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