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My Birthday Gift for Myself – Expanding the m4/3 System

I’ve been thinking for several weeks about what to give myself for my birthday. I’ve also thought of getting a new lens for my OM-D. The kit lens is good and fine but having only one good lens is not enough. I miss the flexibility of my multiple lenses on my Canon DSLR. The 45mm is of course highly regarded for its sharpness, not to mention its small size. But more than this, I wanted a longer lens, so I’ve decided to get a 40-150mm. I have several choices here, including buying the lens new (Php11,500), getting a new lens without a box for Php8,000 (the lens is part of an EPL5 twin lens kit that the vendor separated and getting an EPM1 twin lens kit for Php21,500). (Php41~US$1).

The EPM1 twin lens kit will take a few days of order so I decided to get the Php8000 lens and get the 45mm (for Php15000). I couldn’t be happier with the 45mm.

The Olympus 45mm in my OM-D and a sample test shot (of me).

The 45mm takes very nice pictures (comparable to the Canon/Nikon 50mm).  It looks very good on the OM-D too.  Gives it more of that old school look.

Anyway, here’s the other lens, the Olympus 40-150mm.

The Olympus 40-150mm is of the same build quality and design as the 12-50mm kit lens.  It’s a little fatter and a little longer when zoomed out.  However, it doesn’t have the two buttons of the kit lens (a macro button and L-Fn button).  Also surprising is that the 40-150 is lighter than the kit lens.

When fully-zoomed, the 40-150 is much much bigger and longer (almost double than its zoomed out position).  but I think it’s just air inside.  Also, I do not have high expectations for this lens but it’s nice to have a telephoto zoom (I’ll wait and scrimp for the 70-300 II).

And now, I have an almost complete system for micro four-thirds.  Only the ultrawide is missing (and I won’t be spending that much for a Panny 7-14mm).  I’ll just probably get a Samyang 7.5mm fisheye.

Olympus 40-150mm (left) compared to 12-50mm (right).


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