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Photo Printing

I bought a printer during the Photoworld Expo last month or so.  It was a Canon printer that can print up to A3+.  I used for a while til I found out how costly the ink situation is.  After that, I read about a CISS printer from Epson (L800) that is optimized for photo printing (6 inks – magenta, light magenta, cyan, light cyan, yellow and black).  Also, the ink costs much much cheaper.  One ink bottle with 100mL costs as much as one ink cartridge of Canon (with 14mL).  Only sad thing is it can print up to A4 or letter only.  Still, it’s pretty good.  And now, the Canon printer is rarely used and only for A3 prints.  All other prints are made using the Epson.

And so I’ve printed many many images using A4.  I’ve managed to print a couple hundreds photo (and changed ink only once for light cyan, light magenta and yellow).

I’ve had plans of printing for display and I’ve planned on printing 9 images and putting them in identical frames and on the wall on a 3×3.  I want them all black and white or similarly colored.  Unfortunately, my walls are not that big so I only managed up to 4.  Here they are (my parents, sister and I, no more frame and wall space for my brother and his children).

One thing I didn’t anticipate though is ambient light.  I’ve planned on putting the pictures as shown here but I didn’t take into consideration that the top portraits (which I printed lighter) is going to receive much more light (from the lightbulb above it) than the bottom frames (which are naturally darker due to more shadows in the picture).  The result is much higher difference in light.  I can always print more but in the meantime, they’ll stay this way.


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