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Random Photo: Docked for the Night

Personally for me, 24mm equivalent is too wide for general or walk around shooting.  It is nice to have but to wide for everyday photos.  Even 28mm equivalent (found in most kit lenses and in cellphones) is too wide for everyday.  I’d prefer 35mm up for the usual stuff.  24mm equivalent view is too wide that it includes a lot of things in the pictures, most don’t add anything but distraction, especially for small-sensored cameras.  Also,  I find that 24mm FOV generates too much distortion (not barrel distortion but the normal distortion of wide view).

However, this field of view comes of much use for landscapes.  I would prefer a much wider field of view for landscapes (such as 16mm equivalent) but 24mm is wide enough.  The wide field of view shows a different perspective and emphasizes foreground or the distance between foreground and main subject.  Such is the case for this photo which was taken at 12mm of the kit lens.


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  1. Love it!

    March 23, 2013 at 11:17 pm

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