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Burot Sunset

When we first visited Burot, the sunset was beautiful.  The sun was large and you can clearly see the sun disc.  Back then, I carried my Canon 7D complete with an ultrawide, standard and telephoto zooms, tripod and wired remote so I was able to set up for long exposures.

This time, all I had was the OM-D and a very small unstable gorilla pod so the pictures were taken handheld.  I also moved a lot during the golden hours, hence, the various viewpoints (other pics not yet posted).  The sun was still magnificent but there were lots of clouds in the west partly obscuring the sun and providing more drama.  Also, the longest that my lens can get is 100mm equiv. compared to 480mm last time so the size of the sun is not that big in the pictures.

Here are the pictures, two guys who were there before us. The others are of Elaine, Eman and Elllidel setting their tripods.


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