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Some More of Vigan

Last February, my family and I visited Vigan.  My second time there and their first.  Here are some of the pictures taken there.

Clay Jars

Taken in the pottery business in Vigan.  These are jars made in the barn and are just stored outside.  I love the light falling on the jars and the way the jars are arranged (or not arranged).  [Olympus OM-D + 12-50mm]

Portrait of a Tiger

This was taken in Gov. Chavit Singson’s Baluarte.  He is the most famous tiger there (I think named Romy or something).  When it was still a tiger cub, visitors can have their photo taken while nursing the tiger cub (with milk).  When we visited, he is the only tiger not in a cage (but with thick metal chains).  [Canon 7D + Tamron 70-300mm VC].


Taken again in Singson’s Baluarte.  Maya is a common bird here in the Philippines.  The tree is beside an orange wall (part of a structure) and the orange wall provides a nice background (blends well with the color of the birds).  [Canon 7D + Tamron 70-300mm VC].

Singson’s Baluarte has a butterfly enclosure and this is one of those butterflies.  Shot with the Canon 7D and Tamron 70-300mm VC (love this lens as it can do close ups with a long working distance – will never beat the 100mm macro though).

My beautiful niece and my father.

Both of these pictures were taken inside the Sy Quia mansion – a must-visit site in Vigan.  It displays the grandeur of a rich life during our colonial past.  My niece was imitating one of the statues/sculpture in the house.  The shot of my father is taken inside the house’s  dining room.  The large open windows, color of the walls and wood and the reflected light from the red roof beside the house (outside the windows) provides beautiful light for taking portraits.  [Olympus OM-D + 12-50mm].

My brother and his youngest some * Looking at souvenir items.

My youngest nephew seems to have changed from last year.  Last year, he was the one who was always in front of the camera smiling and making cute poses.  Now, he’s the one holding a camera (an Olympus bridge camera) and is not too keen on being photographed.  Calle Crisologo is the main attraction of Vigan – a street full of old houses, most of which are now stores selling souvenirs (the lower part of the houses as old houses use the lower floor for storage or a garage).  [Olympus OM-D + 12-50mm].

Family Picture.

Yes we have a souvenir uniform tshirt which we wore on our second day there.  My two older nephews did not come with us.  I’ve also gained a lot of weight in a span of a year (I’m the fat guy in the left).  [Olympus OM-D + 12-50mm].


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