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There is an ongoing International Pyromusical Competition in Mall of Asia (every Saturdays till the middle of March).  Each night, two fireworks company from a particular country showcases their fireworks.  Last Saturday, Eman and I watched.  There is an entrance fee of Php100 for a silver pass (at the far sides of the seawall).  Gold pass is Php300 (in the middle part of the seawall).  Another pass is more expensive is around Php700 (not sure on this one) while the most expensive one is for Php1500 with dinner included.

Since Mall of Asia is located by the sea and the seawall is long, the silver pass will do fine.  The area is full of people but we managed to secure a spot to take pictures and watch the show (yes in that order).

The show was fine.  It started about 30 minutes late and we got hungry before the second show started so we ate and got only half our money’s worth.  For this, I took my Olympus OM-D.  I just held it while on top of my bag to avoid shake.  The camera was set to program mode at ISO1600 (with one at ISO 200).  I took around 100+ pictures but most of are not so good or are duplicates so these are the best of the night.  (Sharpening and a stronger than usual noise reduction applied in Lightroom).  Next time, I’ll probably bring my Canon 7D (better low light abilities) with a tripod and a wired remote.


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