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Vertical Panoramas

This week it’s Photoworld Expo in Glorietta.  But unlike those in the US (CES), Japan (CP+) and Germany (Photokina), manufacturers are not in full force as I guess the Philippines is too small a market for them to care (Nikon, for instance, doesn’t even have a subsidiary here but a mere distributor).

There are some gears on display and some you can try (had a nice time trying out the X cameras of Fuji).

Canon is the biggest camera company here as it has its own subsidiary here and they also have the biggest displays.  One of their exhibits is a gallery of photos printed with their Pixma printers.  Among these galleries is one on a photo contest with vertical panoramas as the theme.

Basically, pictures printed with 2.14:1 aspect ratio in a portrait orientation.  This inspired me to revisit some of my previous pictures and try this technique.

Here are three pictures shot and edited before using the normal 3:2 ratio and the vertical panoramas.

The first shot is of the UP Oblation (symbol of the University of the Philippines – a guy offering himself as a sacrifice to the gods or for knowledge).  The original was shot with Fuji X10 in 4:3 format, cropped to 3:2.  The vertical panorama, I think added nothing to the picture nor did it take away anything substantially.  Either format could work.

The second one was taken during our company outing in Bataan – a guy throwing a volleyball.  This was shot with the Panasonic TS3 and edited to 3:2.  The use of vertical panorama took away the obvious ghosting/flare on the left side of the picture.  For me, the 3:2 formats look better but the 2.14:1 could also work and removes the optical imperfection.

For the third one, this is a local resident of Burot Beach, taking home the firewood he gathered.  Again, I like the original 3:2 format better but the longer ratio also works.

Below are some more pictures edited using the longer/taller aspect ratio.  Their originals are presented at the end of this post.

I would like to know what you think so drop me some comments.

Macros and Closeups



Here are the originals.


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