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Macro Shooting with OM-D and 12-50mm

I just got my Olympus OM-D last Wednesday night and of course I was itching to take it for a photowalk.  Today, Eman and I went to Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Reserve in Quezon City for a photowalk.

I don’t know the full capabilities of the OM-D yet and I’m not yet familiar with all of the cameras function.  As a matter of fact, I don’t know how to go to manual focus yet (unlike DSLRs where there is a AF/MF switch on the lens).  This is basically the first time that I use the camera other than for test shots in the house and office.

Macro Shooting

One of the features of the OM-D’s kit lens (12-50mm) is a special macro mode that goes to .37x magnification.  This is not a true macro mode but it is very useful.

I’m a big macro shooter and even with my previous kit lens, I’ve done many closeup shots.

My Canon 7D + the 100mm macro (non-L) makes very very good close up shots.  Very contrasty, very detailed.

But, my canon macro setup is very bulky and heavy… and it has no IS.

With the Olympus setup, I give on the details and aperture (f6.0 at the special macro mode at 43mm compared to f2.8 of the 100mm macro lens).  However, aside from the bulk and weight, I gain a lot of things.  First of all, image stabilization!  Shooting macro requires a very very firm hand and the OM-D’s in-body image stabilization works.  Second, the smaller  sensor of the m4/3 increases depth of field, quite necessary in close up shots.

The colors and contrast of the Olympus setup is also very contrasty and vibrant.  I shoot raw and convert to JPEG in Adobe Lightroom, mainly by using auto tone then adjusting to taste.  I’m not sure if the color and contrast is due to the Olympus sensor/lens setup or due to Lightroom adjustments.

Anyway, here are the closeup pictures I took on my first photowalk with the Olympus.


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