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End of 2012

Last December 31, 2012, we celebrated New Year’s Eve in Quezon Memorial Circle.  There was a stage where performers sang and where the mayor of Quezon City made a speech just before midnight.  Lots of people came to celebrate.  Some to see fireworks while others (like us) to avoid the firecrackers in my sister’s neighborhood.  These are just some of the pictures during that night.

Note that most of these were shot at full high ISO (6400) of my 7D so noise is inevitable.


What is a new year’s celebration without fireworks?  Fortunately, we were just at the base of the Quezon monument so we were able to fully enjoy the fireworks display.  Unfortunately, my lens was a fixed 50mm so the angle of view is very limited.  I also didn’t have a tripod so everything was handheld – no long exposure, no low ISO shots.

After some frustration from not getting good shots, I decided to try and shoot out of focus pictures.

Out of focus picture at f1.4 (left) and f3.5 (right).

Family Time

I’ve always celebrated new year with my family.  The only time I wasn’t able to do that was when I did a cash count in my previous client (now where I work for) and I had to be in San Fernando, La Union till January 1.

My father (left) and mother (right)

John (my nephew) and Hannah (my niece).

Strangers in the Night

There were many vendors during that night.  New year celebration need not stop them from earning a few bucks.

Since this is an event sponsored by the city government of Quezon City, there are guards and police to keep watch.

Like us, there were hundreds, if not thousands, of people who went there to celebrate the new year.  People of all ages, families, friends, dogs…


There are some interesting things that I took shots of.  A wide aperture lens appeared to be a good choice to isolate them from the background and foreground.

New Year Wishes

So that’s it for 2012.  We all turned over a new page in our lives and I’ll be creating a new Lightroom catalog.  For this year, I wish to have a full frame camera (better high ISO and shallower DOF) and/or a small interchangeable camera (I have my eye on the Fuji XE1 – less conspicuous and less bulky) as well as some nice prime.  I wish this year will be good for me and all of us.


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