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White Bird in Calaguas

This is one of the migratory bird in Calaguas. The bird is on top of a cow or a carabao and the blue foliage makes the picture very busy and the green foliage takes away focus from the bird.  I converted the picture to black and white using a blue high contrast filter which basically blackened the green leaves and made the bird stand out.

Same bird but this time in flight.  Not a very easy picture to take.  My limited experience with shooting birds in flight makes me admire more those who take wonderful shot of bird photographers.  Tracking a bird with a 300mm lens is not easy and most bird photographers shoot with 600mm or longer.  Granted they’re using lens with better and faster focus but just getting the bird in the lens’ sight is hard, what’s more tracking it.  Image stabilization (vibration compensation on my Tamron) really helps – a lot.  Anyway, I need more practice and a more bird abundant location.


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