Traveller, Photographer, Mountaineer, Human

Me, Calaguas, and Samyang 85mm

After posting several pictures of other people, it is now time to post my pics.

This is me in Calaguas.  The pictures were shot by Eman using a Samyang 85mm f1.4 manual focus lens – great great lens!  That is if the focus is nailed (1.4 at 85mm and using manual focus, not very easy to nail the focus).  I am yet to do a review of this as Eman has been using the lens and I am yet to use it fully.  I have also put on a lot of weight so please don’t mind my belly.  🙂

The big colorful fabric I have around me is called a “malong” tube skirt.  It is used by many Asian cultures as a skirt (even for men).  On our travels, it is useful as a blanket (while sleeping or when cold in the bus), a towel, shield from the sun (the way I used it here while walking from our camp).


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