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Today we had our annual physical examination in the office.  Part of the physical exam is an eye exam.

I’ve been a wearer of eyeglasses for about 8 years or so but I’ve had a not-so-clear eyesight since college (I’m nearsighted).  The first time I wore an eyeglass, it was amazing!  Everything seemed so clear all of a sudden.  Just like taking using a point-and-shoot then using a DSLR for the first time.

The grade of my eyesight has flipflopped from 75-50 to as high as 175-125.  Last April, it was 75-50 with 25 astigmatism on the right eye.

Today, we had another physical exam and my eye reading is now 75-0 with 25-50 astigmatism.

Basically, astigmatism is the inability to focus rays of light inside the eye due to a deformity of the eye elements or the inability of the eye to quickly change shape from near to far focus.  In the computerized exam, the image appears to go from near focus to far focus because of this.  It’s focus-hunting!

The most important camera to a person is his/her eyes and I must take care of mine.  I hope the astigmatism doesn’t get stronger.  I have a difficulty in manual focusing as it is and I hope I can take and share pictures for many many more years.


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