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Selective Coloring

Selective coloring is one technique I enjoy (eversince trying it on the Fuji X10 and the Nikon D5100).  It is better done in Lightroom using raw files but can also be done with jpeg.  Some cameras have these (the aforementioned X10 and D5100) but the implementation is not usually satisfying.

Similar to black and white, it removes distraction due to competing colors.  Unlike B&W, however, selective coloring draws attention to something (the subject or a detail) using color (instead of tonal contrast).

Here are some photos I recently made using raw (the ruins) and jpeg (the flower and the rocks and the green leaf).


One response

  1. That’s a really cool technique that I think I’d like to try. It adds a really visual focus to the photos.

    November 26, 2012 at 7:42 am

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