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Sans Color

Been feeling not so bright these last few days (work related) but feeling wonderful about the last several pictures I’ve taken and processed.  I’m particularly please with the black and white pictures I did.  Because of this, I’m revisiting some old pictures I posted and processed before in color and converting them to black and white.

Some things I learned:

– Obviously, not all pictures are good or better in black and white as some rely on the colors to bring impact or to bring isolation among the picture elements;

– Converting children’s portraits to black and white have better results than converting an adult picture since a child’s skin is usually smoother.  Increasing contrast in B&W brings out the fine lines and other skin imperfections (mostly in adults) so unless that is the intention (e.g., portraits of old persons), it is not very flattering.

– For me, black and white works best for pictures with simple composition.  In fact, black and white is perhaps all about composition as the impact of color is removed, the picture is mostly about lines and forms (with differing tones providing complement to form).

– B&W looks great on most portraits, looks good on many macro and looks great on selected landscape shots (many landscape shots needs color or are two busy in black and white).  Street photography (which I rarely try) is mostly in black and white.

Since I’m inspired about black and white, I’ll revisit more pictures and do black and whites and may even put up a B&W gallery here.


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