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Manila Bay Sunset

November 11, 2012

I travel to many beaches here in the Philippines (right now in Luzon but I hope to visit beaches in Visayas and Mindanao). In these travels, I hope for a shot of a wonderful sunrise or sunset but the best sunsets are still found here in Metro Manila – right in Manila Bay. Sunset in this bay is actually very famous.

I read somewhere that the difference in color between sunrise and sunset (mostly red and orange) is due to the dust and other particulates in air. Sunrises are mostly through clean air so the colors are more pink or yellow but the pollutants emitted during the day makes the color more intense at sunsets. With this in mind, it is understable that the sunset in Manila Bay will have stunning color due to the air pollution in the city.

On November 11, 2012, we went to Mall of Asia beside Manila Bay. We were treated by an awesome display of colors – red, pink, yellow, orange. It was the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen. I hope to see a spectacular sunset once again and find a more picturesque spot to take a memorable picture.


One response

  1. Wow. The colors are breathtaking and the clouds are so beautiful. Water, cloud, and sunlight work in magical combinations there.

    November 21, 2012 at 9:41 pm

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