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Photowalk: Plants, Sculptures, Reflections and Others


Plants and flowers are probably my most favorite things to photograph.  They have different colors and textures and usually results in beautiful bokeh due to the close up nature of the pictures.  Even though I take pictures mostly on my outdoor trips, a photowalk in a park is most welcome as there are some beautiful plants that are not found on my outdoor trips.

Sculptures and Artworks

Parks are a good place to find sculptures. The bad thing is that many of the sculptures “littering” the parks are the “modern” variety and not the good kind – too abstract and poorly made. Luckily, those that we found in Fort Santiago are nice. More fortunately, there is an ongoing exhibition of some sculptures, including a multimedia piece of astronaut looking sculptures with TV for heads (not very original I know) with a short film being shown in the TV heads.

Fiberglass statues of priests inside the Fort (above left and right) * A sculpture in display as part of an exhibition (above center)

Astronaut looking multimedia pieces inside the Rajah Sulayman Theater

Sculptures in Luneta – a depiction of the seeds of revolution, “Soul Waves”, and something like Brothers-in-Arms


Reflections is a very common photographic technique.  I find that reflections are best found on calm waters, especially when the water is dark or very shallow and the sun is bright.  In Intramuros, there is a small waterway between the main park and the Fort itself.  This reflects the walls as well as the tall buildings around the park.


Below is a picture of puppets (a lion and a bird) which are controlled like a marionette.  They were being sold by a not-so-nice man (he was not very nice to Elaine who was taking his picture).  The other picture is a kalesa (horse-drawn carriage) inside the park.  I believe that this is not how kalesas in the past here looked like and I guess the reason they used this design is that it accommodates more people than the traditional kalesa designs.


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