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The People in Intramuros

Young people having a date on the wall of Intramuros

November 11, 2012

As a tourist spot and as a place with schools, commercial establishments and houses, Intramuros is full of people.  Some are students, some are visitors (both locals and foreigners) and some are people living or working in the area.  Because of this, the area is a very good spot for street photography.

For me, however, street photography is a fuzzy concept and the few pictures I take of strangers I would just call pictures of people rather than street photography.  (I once posted two of these pics in a street photography group in facebook and a member told me that though the pictures are good, they are not street photography since they lack a story).

Mother, child, cat * Tourists

Animal puppet vendor * “Take my picture in this pose”

Strolling tourists * Getting ready for a photoshoot


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