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Diwali Festival in Mall of Asia (Part 2)

November 11, 2012

After some online research, I found out that Diwali Festival is the festival of lights in the Hindu religion.  It is celebrated in 5 days in India and I don’t which of the fives days the festival put up in Mall of Asia is supposed to be.  I don’t know how this is supposed to be celebrated in India since the program in MOA is just full of songs and dances.

The program is hosted by a DJ in one of the radio stations, Sam Y G (I don’t know him but my companions says so) and a very pretty lady.

There were traditional Indian dances danced by people in very very colorful costumes.

There was one particular dance by a group of turbaned guys.  It seems to be a very popular dance as the guys in the audience suddenly took to the front of the stage and started dancing also.

After the dance the hosts described how the dance is done.  Basically, you put one hand up and rotate it like screwing a shower head, another hand down and make it seem like you’re turning on or off the faucet.

While doing this, you put one foot forward and sort of do small kicks.  After this, reverse hand positions.  And finally, raise both hands and point at the ceiling.  The explanation was simple enough that I believe I have an additional dance for my very limited dance repertoire.

In addition to the traditional Indian dances, there are some more modern dances like those featured in Bollywood movies.  (I know some people don’t like to use the term Bollywood).  The more modern dances were performed by teens (as can be expected).

There was also a belly dance performed by two girls who doesn’t look to be particularly Indian – their complexion were quite fair and the eyes, nose, etc. are not those of typical Indian descent.



There were of course song and dance numbers and Oyet recognized one of the singers as one of the managers in her old work.

Everything didn’t go very smoothly though as a spotlight caught fire in the middle of the show.  It was not a big bummer as the festivities and the fun continued and the fire was put out immediately (smelled like burning rubber for a while though).

It’s really nice to see and hear songs and dances from other cultures (for Mexican dances, see this post).  The audience were also great to see.

I am looking forward to more events in Mall of Asia, some of which I hope are from other countries and cultures.


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