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Diwali Festival in Mall of Asia (Part 1)

After our photowalk (in very hot sun) in Intramuros, we went to Mall of Asia and watched a spectacular and very red sunset.

Then we went inside the mall and ate and watched the Indian people’s celebration of Diwali (Festival of Lights).

The event in Mall of Asia was attended by many of the Indian expatriates and their families living in the Philippines.

There are the adults (some of whom were probably born in India and migrated here or are children of first generation Indian migrants to the Philippines);

…there are the teens who are dressed more casually (less sari, more urban clothes);

… and there are the children, who will hopefully keep their roots alive and add diversity to the Philippines.

The festival was very colorful and we got to see some Indian dances (traditional and more modern Bollywood variations), some songs and a lot of Indian costumes (but that is for another post).

(The pictures are not the best as they were shot wide open (f5.6) at 300mm and at ISO 6400. )


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