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Random Photos: Inanimate Objects

First of all, I am happy that I now have 50 followers in this blog.  A blog which I started just this year with the intention of chronicling my hikes and travels but which has turned more into a blog featuring my photos.

Anyway, here are two photos of inanimate objects I took in Burot Beach which shows human relations.

Romantic Day at the Beach.

A red and blue cooler which appears to be having a date on the beach.  But yes, this is a date, the two coolers belong to a girl and guy having a swim in the beach (just the two of them from what I saw).

Father and Son

Two shoes left at the beach (one shoe each for a boy and a grown man).  I don’t know who they belong to and why there was only one shoe each but that’s the beauty of it.  We can create stories based on these objects, like the fallen father (as from a battle) which was seen by his little boy.  The possible stories are endless.


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