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Shooting Strangers in Burot Beach

I’m a shy person by nature and I don’t photograph complete strangers, especially with a large camera that may intimidate them.  Having a long lens helps me in photographing people, which I got to do in Burot Beach.


Locals are those people living in the place (or in this case, in and around Burot Beach).  Basically, you can spot them from tourists and visitors because they are going on with their daily lives (which usually involves earning their living) and dressed in everyday clothes (mostly to protect themselves from the sun).  For provinces, they usually speak with a different accent (or dialect) from the tourists (who speak mostly Tagalog, Manila way).


Father and son (top) and a family (below left) gathering roe from sea urchin * Boatmen servicing tourists and visitors (above right and below right). * A local gathering firewood (left).


Tourists, like me, go to these places to enjoy the sand, sea, wind and sun.

Visitors can be differentiated from the locals in different ways.

Cameras, cameras, cameras

Since we visit a place to enjoy ourselves and we want pictures to preserve these memories, cameras are a must for almost all tourists, from the small and humble point-and-shoot, to the big DSLRs.

When we visited Burot Beach, we all had cameras (DSLRs).  There was also a group of photographers who were there to take pictures (as evidenced by the abundance of DSLRs, mostly non-kit lenses, tripods and filters (one even had a square filter).




Cameras, cameras, poses, poses everywhere.



Swimming Attire

Since we’re not everyday at the beach, a chance to go to the beach is a chance to show off those beach bodies (or lack thereof).  Whereas locals usually are in (or near) the sea dressed in clothes to protect themselves from the heat of the sun, tourists are dressed to expose as much skin.  Guys in board shorts (and the occasional foreigner in skimpy trunks) and girls in two-piece suits (with boy shorts on top of the bikini).  Even the kids are dressed for the beach.


While locals go on with their daily lives, tourists are there for a different reason – to enjoy themselves.  And this means different activities for different people.  Aside from taking pictures (which I love the most), tourists are:

collecting seashells and starfish….. and exploring,
hiring and riding aboat…and swimming,

and lounging around…. or having a romantic moment (they could just be really close friends).

Tourists are also more likely to stay at the beach near sundown (to catch that sunset that we don’t usually see in the city due to the buildings).

At the end of the day (or weekend), the tourists go home to their daily lives while the locals stay on and go on and live with the sand, sea, wind and sun.


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