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Eman’s Bday Trip – Manaoag

We spent the night in Eman’s house in Pozzorubio, Pangasinan.  In the morning, after dilly-dallying, we finally got to go to Manaoag (around lunch time).  This was my second time to go to Manaoag.  My first time there was back June.

Manaoag Church

Well, the Manaoag Church is pretty plain compared to other churches built during the Spanish period.  Its claim to fame is the supposedly miraculous image of the Virgin Mary which has made the church and the town a pilgrimage place.

Since I already photographed most of the church using a standard zoom lens last time, I decided to use my fisheye lens (nope, still not tired of the curves).

Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Chapel for the Sacred Heart of Jesus is located in the left side near the entrance of the church (again, Jesus seems to have been in the sidelines in this church with Mary taking center stage).  When Oyet saw the outsized hands of the Jesus icon here, she commented that it looks like he is flying.

The fisheye with its curves and very large field of view makes for some interesting pictures of the chapel.


We arrived there first Sunday of the month and there was to be a religious procession of the icons.  The main Manaoag icon was removed from its place in the altar and placed on a carriage (with people clapping when the transfer was done).  I didn’t get to take a picture of the main icon as it was in front of the altar with many people around it.  I did manage to get a picture of some of the other icons near the church door (which come to think of it are the icons in the museum and the one the altar on the right transept of the church).

Religious and Souvenir Store

Due to the procession, the museum, the room behind the altar (where you can touch the main Manaoag icon) are both closed.  The only one open is the store where you can buy souvenirs and icons.

A copy of the Lady of Manoag icon and some crucifix for sale in the store.

Other Stuff and Going Home

There are many other areas to photograph but since it was hot and the church is full of devotees and church goers, I only manage to get a shot of the structure behind the church (below), the men’s CR, and the chapel with the Easter icons.

The heat makes the day tiring and after eating some native delicacies (tupig and sesame brittle), we left for Dagupan, where Eman got a fitting of his suit for his friend’s wedding.

We also had lunch there (very cheap but delicious).  It was also where we rode a bus going back to Manila.

It was a very tiring trip and the trip from Dagupan back to Manila took more than 5 hours.  On our way back, there was a beautiful sunset, a perfect ending to a fun trip.


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