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Eman’s Bday Trip – Baguio City (Part 4)

Chocolate de Batirol

Chocolate de Batirol is a quaint chocolate shop/cafe in Camp John Hay.  It is surrounded by gardens and golf course and is very near (walking distance) from The Manor, a hotel/retreat house.

Batirol is a small brass/copper vessel used to prepare the chocolate drink.  We used to have one back when I was a child but I think it’s already lost.

The hot chocolate tastes good taken in the cool climes of Baguio, particularly of Camp John Hay.  But, I prefer the ones we used to prepare at home as it tastes more pure and the shell of the cocoa bean is not included when the tablea was made.  By the time we arrived in Batirol, I was very tired and fell asleep for a few minutes.

Group shot (by Eman) * Batirol (vessel for preparing hot chocolate) (shot by Oyet).

Hot cup of chocolate in a cool place * Bibingka and turon (shot by Eman).

Grounded while others are jumping (shot by Eman) * The shop’s menu (shot by Oyet).

Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay was formerly an American military camp.  It was converted to an economic zone and is managed by the Bases Conversion and Development Authority.  Inside the camp is a golf course, the Manor, some shops, an adventure camp, and lots and lots of picnic area (but the tables are for rent for Php100).

It was nice walking around the camp but since Baguio is on a mountain range, you have to walk up and down stairs, hills, etc.

The Camp’s golf course.

Steps everywhere (shot by Oyet) * Souvenir shops, the bulol figures remind me of someone.

The tiring walk around Camp John Hay was enough to make us a little hungry so we went back to Session Road to have lunch in Oh My Gulay!… (continued in Part 5).


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