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Eman’s Bday Trip – Baguio City (Part 3)

After having our fill of Burnham Park, we took a cab to Mines View Park which is just outside of the city proper.

Mines View Park

Mines View Park is a small observation place where you can see the mountains.  In the past it may have been beautiful but the houses and other buildings encroaching on the surrounding mountains lessened the beauty of the mountains.  Now, the park is just home to many stalls selling souvenir items.

To have fun, we just hired some costumes from an old lady and did our fun photoshoot.

Jason and Oyet modelling * Our bags.

What were we afraid of?

Stories of love and war

Group shot (by Eman)

The Mansion and Wright Park

From Mines View Park, we rode a jeepney down to the Mansion.

The Mansion is what gave Baguio its title of Summer Capital of the Philippines.  In early period of American colonization, the Mansion was built to serve as the summer residence of the American Governor General.  Every year, from March to June, the Governor General and all of the members of the colonial government would go up to Baguio to escape the hot summer temperature of Manila.

Today, the Mansion is just a reminder of this past though the President sometimes still go up here.

The Mansion and its gate.

Right in front of the gate of the Mansion is Wright Park (named after an American Governor General).  The Park has a lagoon and on its end, a stair taking you to an area where horses can be rented and you can ride the horse around (or to some trail like the Crystal Cave).

Toddler’s bike and a dog in Wright Park.

A white horse with mane colored pink.  Women selling lanzones and longgan.

After Wright Park, we again rode a taxi to Camp John Hay to have hot chocolate and rest… (continued in Part 4).


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  1. nice!!! looking forward sa part 4…
    I really, really like our photos in igorot costumes. 🙂

    October 11, 2012 at 4:45 pm

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