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An Afternoon of Mexican Music and Dances and Cosplay

September 15, 2012

We were supposed to go to Dasol, Pangasinan last weekend for some beach bumming.  Unfortunately, a typhoon came and sucked the west monsoon causing heavy rains.  Our hopes dashed, we cancelled the beach trip and instead went to Mall of Asia for a movie.

Eman and I arrived there early and we were able to watch a presentation by the Mexican Embassy entitled “Musica de mi Tierra” featuring a mariachi band and dancers.

The costumes are very colorful, the music is fast and happy and the dances feature a lot of footwork.  The presentation also highlight the similarities between Mexican culture and Filipino culture – both countries having been colonies of Spain for hundreds of years.






On the exhibition hall of the mall complex are the Intertional Book Fair and a Cosplay event.  We didn’t enter either but I managed to snap some photos of the cosplayers.

Seems like a fun event that I thought of joining one someday.  However, I think I may be a little too old for these types of events.

We then had coffee, dinner and movie.  We watch The Possession and I really like the cinematography of the movie.  You can freeze some frames from the movie and get a wonderfully composed picture.

Eventhough a rainy afternoon in a mall is not the same as beach bumming, we did manage to have a good time.

(Note:  First and fourth image shot by Eman and edited by me).


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