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Phantom of the Opera Comes to Manila!

September 2, 2012

Sometime in high school or college, I’ve become enamored with musicals.  Thus, it has been my dream to watch a musical on stage (as opposed to a movie).

Back in college, we were required to watch plays in UP (University of the Philippines).  Both plays (“Palasyo ni Valentin” and “Paris and Alexander”) were good but they were not musicals.  I was also given a ticket to watch Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) High School’s The Kind and I (wonderful for such a school production).

When Miss Saigon came to Manila (I was still in college), it was such a great frustration.  I would have loved to watch it but I had no money to buy a ticket (those were my poor days).

And now…. Phantom of the Opera comes to Manila.  I watched it with a college friends and her friends.

Phantom souvenir keychain.

A shot at the poster wall (by Lourds).

Magnificent.  Even after watching the movie, the magic of the musical is not diminished.  The great actors, beautiful sets (especially the gondola on the underground lake) – magnificent!

Christine was good (but too much vibrato and too little innocence and sweetness for my taste).  Raoul and the other cast were ok.  Carlotta was GREAT!  The Phantom was GREAT!  No wonder that Carlotta and the Phantom got the loudest applause.

From the opening (with the chandelier rising), to the Hannibal production (brought on such an applause) to the chandelier crashing, Masquerade performance to the end – it was a wonderful experience.

It was really great!  Even the audience are good – very silent during the whole show.  Well, except for the guy who was humming/singing near the end of the first act, and some people who were sobbing at the end of the show.

Compared to the movie with its multi-million production, the stage play was still great.  Of course some scenes are still better in a movie.  The dramatic parts where the actors’ faces are on closeups in the movie are seen in the same distance in the stage play.


The bad thing?  Expensive tickets (I paid Php4500+ for a seat at the very rear of the orchestra seats), and very expensive souvenirs – Php1000 for a tshirt, Php600 for a mug, and Php400 for a keychain (the mask above).

I hope that more productions will come to Manila (cannot wait for Les Miserables) and that local outfits will produce musical plays (The King and I in Resort World Theater is on my list).

Given the chance, I’d like to see Phantom one more time but financial resources restrict it.

* * * * *

All shots made with cellphones (iphone 4s/Samsung Galaxy S3) as cameras are not allowed (silly of me bringing my Fuji X10 then having to leave it at the counter).


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