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After a Week of Rain

Finally!  After a week of intense rain, the sun is shining and the sky is blue!

Just to give an idea what it was like the past few days, here is a picture taken yesterday of Pasig River.

The rain has been going on non-stop for several days and work has been suspended on Tuesday, work from home yesterday and today (though today the weather is definitely much much better).  There is no typhoon in the Philippines but the typhoon in China is causing the westerly winds (habagat) to intensify and cause rains.

According to news, 50% of Metro Manila has been flooded and in some areas, flood has reached second floor of houses or higher.  Some areas has been declared in a state of calamity.  Residents have been evacuated in these areas and the government and other organizations had done rescues and are now doing relief operations.  As of yesterday, 35 or so have died, several injured and thousands have been evacuated.

A sad week for the country but hoping everything will be ok.


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