Traveller, Photographer, Mountaineer, Human

Diptych, Quadriptych, Etc.

7 months ago, the Facebook photography group I joined had a weekly contest for diptych. I made several diptych before deciding on one to enter.



Mt. Mariveles (as seen from Ternate, Cavite) in the morning and near sunset.

Twin Buddhas.  This is actually one picture divided into two.

Inspired by the weekly challenge, I made several – diptych, quadriptych, etc.

Jason’s jumpshot.

Gumamela (hibiscus) flower in various states of bloom.

There weren’t many who joined that week’s contest and I won first place (judges’ choice).  It’s a nice feeling.

The picture that I submitted shows my two climb buddies – Mumai and Marc.  This was two pictures framed side by side and almost appears to be one picture.  No price, just bragging rights (no one to brag to though).  🙂


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