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I’m not a Canon fanboy.  I admire most camera companies.  But I’m heavily invested in Canon (1 DSLR with 5 lenses and various accessories) so I’m interested in what Canon is doing.

Just saw a pictures of the purported Canon mirrorless – I’m not impressed.  I still like the retro looks of Fuji X-Pro1, even the Olympus OM-D with the faux-prism-hump.  The camera seem to lack external control but it is small (not NEX small but small enough) and the lens (22mm f2.0 so far) is proportional to the camera.  I hope it has EF and EF-S compatibility (even with adapter).

Canon will also announce an entry-level full-frame camera – probably with 5D Mk II or Mk III sensor, 7D autofocus, built-in flash and cheaper (mostly plastic body).  I just hope that it’s not very expensive and not more expensive than Nikon’s rumored D600.  This will probably be my chance to go full-frame.

Here’s to waiting.  Here’s to Canon!

My Canon gear – 15-85mm, 18-135mm, 7D with 50mm, 100mm Macro, 10-22mm


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