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GAS: Pentax 645D

Visiting my favorite online camera store:  dbgadgets (, I find out that they sell Pentax 645 lenses!  Odd though that they don’t sell the Pentax 645D camera body.

Eversince I’ve gotten into photography, I’ve had a serious case of GAS.  This is one of those.  In camera, bigger sensor is almost always better.  However, as they say, full frame is the new medium format and I’m not sure how much better the 645D compared to the new full frame cameras (5d Mk III or D800).  And with a list price of $10,000, the 645D is not a cheap camera (though a lot cheaper than Phase 1 or Hasselblad or Leica S2).  I can buy a Nikon D800E and buy two or three Nikon professional lenses and still have change (and that’s assuming I’ll switch brands).

To be fair, the 645 lenses doesn’t seem to be that expensive.

  • 35mm f/3.5 – Php77,000 (US$1,833) = 28mm
  • 45mm f/2.8 – Php94,000 (US$2,238) = 36mm
  • 55mm f/2.8 – Php60,000 (US$1,429) = 44mm
  • 75mm f/2.8 – Php22,500 (US$536) = 60mm
  • 150mm f/2.8 – Php53,100 (US$1,264) = 120mm
  • 55-110mm f/5.6 – Php62,500 (US$1,488) = 28-88mm
  • 80-160mm f/4.5 – Php83,000 (US$1,976) = 64-128mm

Ok, they’re expensive but compared to professional lenses from Nikon and Canon, the prices are comparable.

Since I am not rich, I guess this will remain in my dreams only.  Perhaps in the future, I’ll be able to buy a medium format camera but for now, dream on…


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